The Blind Beggar


Situated for many years in the heart of Whitechapel is The Blind Beggar, a pub infamous for its historical relevance in the East End. Now standing as a friendly and happening public house, there is a feeling that the place has seen a few sagas unfold since its birth in 1894. Over time the establishment has played host to a whole number of cultural figureheads, including that of the great social reformer William Booth and indeed more recently, the notorious criminal twins, the Krays.

IMG_1397With such a rich history under its belt, it’s no surprise that The Blind Beggar remains a focal point for tourists, regulars and Friday night drinkers alike. The homely interior, equipped with its fireplace and historically poignant images makes for a very cozy winter drink. When we step into the garden however, we encounter an impressively modern yet equally charming setup. Features such as their flame heaters, shaped hedges and a pond housing fish larger than your arm all add to the atmosphere, making this a busy place to be of a Saturday night.


The pints aren’t cheap however as they’re no stranger to good business. With this overlooked,the charm, history and approachable staff make this a good place to be if you’ve got some money in the pocket. Surviving this long throughout the rapid cultural changes in the area mean that this pub has long earned its place and reputation on Whitechapel high street. If you feel like going for a nice evening drink by the fire, go and enjoy a cup of mulled wine at the Blind Beggar.


Overall Rating – 4/5

Individuality rating – 3/5

Price – ££

  1. I’ve been planning to go to the Blind Beggar for ages – but really surprised by your pix as the decor looks sort of 1950s and I thought it might be more horseshoe and brasses. Not that this matters when you consider its notorious history. Nicola

    • It’s a really nice place this time of year. A great mixture of old and new! Thanks for reading.

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