The Mile End Art Pavilion

Situated pleasantly within Mile End Park is The Mile End Art Pavilion. Wonderfully placed within a relaxing and tranquil setting by the canal, this is the perfect place for a reflective exhibition viewing. As I cycled along the canal on Monday I noticed the building and ventured in for a closer look. Much to my satisfaction I was surprised by an exhibition of varying photographs, some culturally rich and others visually intriguing. After speaking to the organisers and some of the photographers, I learned that these pictures were the work of the London Independent Photography Central Group. A conglomerate of seventeen photographers have contributed to the exhibition by working along the theme of Slowing Down, an interesting concept spurring thoughts of contrast within our fast-paced inner city life.


A view of The Mile End Art Pavilion from its adjoining bridge.

The expression of the theme Slowing Down is explored through differing and individual methods from IMG_1390each photographer. Varying techniques and styles represent the concept with some literally slowing down the process of making pictures and others focusing on aspects of life that encapsulate the idea. Some photographers approach this through still lives and nature photographs and others cityscapes and portraits. Whichever method used, there is a tremendous amount of content and meaning to be experienced from each photographer’s work, a real mood of the city is captured by focusing on the people and mindsets that arise in this fruitful and mysterious environment.

Other than housing interesting and thought provoking exhibitions from The LIP Central Group, IMG_1391The Mile End Art Pavilion is a source for local East End artists and creatives. Lest I forget, the architecture is brilliantly spatial and angular, the space breathes openness as it looks out upon its man made lake and crafted greenery. A brilliant place for reflection and a glorious gem to stumble upon along the Mile End stretch of canal. If you’re in the area and feel like a wonderful delve into some wonderful photography, catch the LIP Central Group exhibition Slowing Down, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


London Independent Photography Central Group – Slowing Down is exhibited until December 1st at The Mile End Art Pavilion, Clinton Road, off Grove Road, London E3 4QY.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Individuality Rating: 4/5

Price: Free

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