The Brick Lane Market

Every Sunday, in the heart of Brick Lane, there emerges the infamous Brick Lane Market. This gem is of course far from hidden, attracting hundreds of people each week. Nonetheless, I feel that the IMG_1440spectacular diversity and plentiful atmosphere of the place deserves a loving mention on here. Walking to Brick Lane on a Sunday afternoon and wandering through this plethora of multi-cultural food, artworks, clothes and people is always a fulfilling experience for those of us who love a bit of fresh diversity on the weekends. Stepping into the main hall is like emerging into a field of old commerce; each stall representing its own unique dish or product with a smiling face to go with it. With a great deal of history reaching behind it, having originally been a 17th Century, Jewish influenced Farmer’s Market, there’s a really authentic feel to the space that now houses countless stalls of all things weird, interesting and wonderful.


IMG_1427Known to many as a haven for new creative work and a spot to get an exquisite Sunday meal, the mix of people that the market attracts is always a nice sight to witness. There is a real charm about the bustling maze of stalls, an infinitely cross-cultural feel at the same time as being unmistakably London. Brick Lane is known for it’s creativity and diversity and the Market captures this essence perfectly. Taking in all of the sounds, smells and faces on a Sunday afternoon can be a revitalising and in many ways calming experience after a memorable Saturday night.


It’s an area that’s never short of its hustle and bustle, especially on this day of the week. The Market can always be relied upon to bring you back to earth by appreciating some of the finer things like good Chinese dumplings or a truly original collection of paintings. Whatever you’re into, if you haven’t already headed down here on a Sunday then make sure you do soon; it’s an aspect of London that everyone should enjoy. Just a quick tip though – try to go for a different nation’s dish each week, there’s too many delectable meals here to be tied down to just one, even if, like me, you adore you’re authentic Mexican cuisine. Whenever you next have a free Sunday, go and take a look for yourself.


Overall Rating: 5/5

Individuality Rating: 5/5

Price: £


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